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Festival Courtyard

collaboration with The Train Theater, 2018

Courtyard and Workshop Design by me

A French celebration in the festival’s courtyard - long tables draped with bright tablecloths. Colorful illustrations will adorn the walls and paper dancers will forever float above our heads.

Children was invited to play with markers, paper and scissors in the creative corner to prepare an ensemble of dancers.

צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.05 ב‏.16.00.23.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.05 ב‏.16.00.38.png
צילום מסך 2018_.08_.28 ב_.15.46.29.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.49.01.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.50.26.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.47.33.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.49.48.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.47.20.png
צילום מסך 2018‏.08‏.28 ב‏.15.47.59.png
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